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Franklin TN Preschools Face Tough Competition from a Local Star

A preschool with a different take on education


Franklin, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Williamson county TN preschools are present in every nook and corner but most of these schools are known for their run of the mill approach to teaching. Children don’t really learn much except spend their time learning the same thing over and over again. As far as education and its values are concerned, there is nothing fun and exciting for the children as well as their parents to look forward to. One school though which stands strong against this conception is PB&J Day School.

This is a school set up by Brooke Pate and Jennifer Walker both of who have had an ample amount of experience and expertise in the field of early child development. Being parents themselves Brooke and Jennifer have spent a lot of time figuring out what children need and whether or not, Franklin TN preschools are equipped to handle this need. They were saddened by the gloomy reality that none of these schools had what children truly needed which is a place to blossom.

This encouraged them to do something about the situation and come up with a business plan for a preschool, which focuses on child learning and empowerment, rather than follow a cookie cutter plan to education. This is the very philosophy of learning and education, which has helped the ladies start a school, which is today claimed to be one of the top preschools in Franklin and greater Williamson county TN.

Right from the location, to the interior, to every small aspect that has a role to play in molding a child, every little detail is designed in a manner that takes care of the child’s sensibilities. In addition to making sure the child is exposed to values that will pave the path for his/her success. The curriculum is top notch, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the overall idea of learning is combined with fun to help promote retention.

The school and its lesson plans involve introducing children to a new letter every month and conducting all activities related to the letter. This is an innovative way to teach kids which cannot be found in any other Williamson county preschool. To know more and register online, log onto http://www.pbjdayschool.com/

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