Fraser Bawtree Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Expansion of His Business Named Frasers Fudj

Frasers Fudj is a Wicked British Fudge company set up 2 years ago by 13 year old dyslexic, entrepreneur Fraser Bawtree.


Cheltenham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- Fraser Bawtree is a 13 year old from Cheltenham, United Kingdom. Fraser is very dyslexic and struggles at school, however he has always had a great passion for cooking, baking and experimenting. After endless days creating recipes with his late Grandfather, Fraser found a real talent within his fudge making.

At the age of 11, Fraser could set up a bank account and that's when Frasers Fudj really began. Two years down the line, Fraser has had various press footage from prime time TV news interviews to BBC radio to glossy magazines to local newspapers. A huge Milestone for Fraser was his contract offer from TV giant QVC at age 12. Unfortunately, due to Frasers young age and Television laws, Fraser had to turn down his contract until he is 16. However, he will be returning in a few years.

Frasers Fudj has grown so much over the last few years and with orders building they have set Frasers Fudj up as registered, limited UK company with mum, Zoe as director as required by English law. Fraser has created a website and designed new packaging, however with little money, in fact no money apart from the few quid borrowed from what Fraser likes to call the 'Bank of Dad.'

Fraser's project is to raise £1500 ($2497) to create, design, print and ship new packaging so that Fraser can create a pick and mix style fudge so that the choice is with the customers as to which flavors they would like and how much. The money would also go towards paying for costly events to take part in over the summer, each event can cost up to £500 ($833) to do. Another project Fraser is launching this summer is Fudjshakes, these will be milkshakes made from Frasers famous Fudj.

This project will only be funded if at least£1,500 is pledged by Mon, Apr 14 2014 11:39 PM +05:30.

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