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Fraud Has Become One of Today's Biggest Issues and Its Growing


Yakima, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2016 -- By now everyone knows how fraudulent transactions have become one of the biggest and most annoying plague of the transactions world. For decades' merchants large or small, have been trying to combat these scammers with no results, and their appearance in the market is way too numerous to be eliminated. The absolute worst part is that most criminals do not discriminate when it comes to pulling off their dirty tricks. At times, they can target huge merchants such as Amazon or small businesses that are just getting started.

Now the question becomes, if Amazon is not able to identify and fight these criminals out of their platform, how could a small business be able to avoid these scammers and get out of it unharmed? The situation gets even worse when talking about filthier tricks like transaction laundering.

Transaction laundering is a complicated process that consists of using an e-commerce platform to sell illegal goods while making it all seem legit. They do this by setting up their own e-store in which they sell normal products. However, this store is only created so that their real customers are able to pay with their credit card for whatever it is that they are selling outside of their e-store.

Of course, the owner of the e-store can get into serious trouble if somehow it become known that their e-store was being used for transaction laundering. And the big issue here is there is absolutely no way to find out who is using their platform to sell drugs or weapons and who is not, which is why small merchants are in a notorious situation of disadvantage in contrast with big companies like Amazon or eBay.

The only option they have is to check for repetitive actions or patterns that could give out their actions and help them eradicate these criminals from their website. Until a clear solution is created, being alert at all times is their best bet.

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