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Fred Jones to Share His Ten Year Experience with Whole Body Vibration Machines in New Manual


Hewlett, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- Fred Jones has been in the whole body vibration business for the past ten years. In this time, he has worked with numerous people who looked for wbv treatment due to a number of different reasons. During the course of his career, he has discovered that whether whole body vibrations work or not depend highly on the kind of machine one is using. It is very common for people to dupe customers into buying fake machines that are not half as good as they claim to be.

This is done when people buy a vibration machine from a local store – a simple machine with no warranties or brands to back them up. Then, they take the logo of a famous brand which people trust, paste it over the low quality machine and sell that to people. Customers buy the machine thinking they are using professional, high quality stuff even though they have bought nothing but a scrap of metal. These machines are sold at prices just as high as branded machines and with just as many accessories to make the deal look legitimate. However, it is quite obvious that the customer has been duped once the machine is put to use.

A whole body vibration machine works through vibration plates which applies pressure measuring from 1 to 50 hertz in the entire body. Due to this vibration, involuntary muscle contractions happen which provide cardiovascular, flexibility and neuromuscular benefits. Vibration training has a whole history of research to back it up. Before users start putting their machines to use, they must check out the research and history behind the method. not only is there a vast amount of research to back the theory up, much more research is being conducted in North American universities.

Vibration machine technical aspects come together to use the gravitational force to trick one's body into thinking it is walking quickly. This happens because the body's weight is shifted from side to side after every half minute. This motion makes the body contract and stretch. It also increases oxygen levels in the body and make it more nutrient rich by stimulating muscles and stretching them up properly. The vibrations are also good for bone density by teaching the body how to resist gravity. This makes bones' stronger.

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After being in the Entire Body Vibration business for over ten years' Fred Jones has decided to share his experience and learning with his followers through an instruction manual.

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