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Frederick Hill: Educational & Patriotic Book Explores History of Liberty & Freedom, as Young Man Fights on Both Sides in American Revolutionary War

Written and illustrated by Emma L. Nelson, ‘Frederick Hill: The Life and Lessons of a Patriot for Children and Adults’ tells the fascinating and historically-accurate story of an American Revolutionary patriot, with an abundance of life lessons that any freedom-loving American will cherish. Readers have hailed Nelson’s work “a window into the past”, as protagonist Frederick sits his grandson down to explain the benefits and privileges Americans achieved through the Revolution and the adoption of the Constitution.


Venetia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- These days it is easy to take liberty and freedom for granted, even as the power of the federal government seems to be closing in at an alarming pace. However, educator Emma L. Nelson wants all young people and their families to understand where these privileges came from, and that real people endured great hardships and even exciting adventures to allow today’s flags to fly high. To that end, Nelson has put both her writer’s pen and illustrator’s pencil onto paper to masterfully-craft a compelling and insightful book of American history.

‘Frederick Hill: The Life and Lessons of a Patriot for Children and Adults’ imaginatively presents the statements of a Revolutionary patriot to his grandson to put today’s privileges into true context.

Synopsis: An inspiring old-time story, written and illustrated by Emma L. Nelson, Frederick Hill: The Life and Lessons of a Patriot for Children and Adults is an informative and uplifting book about a young man who fought on both sides during the American Revolutionary War.

Step back in time and imagine that you are on the back porch with Frederick Hill as he spends an afternoon talking to his grandson, George Washington Holler, about his experiences in the War. He was brought over by the British in 1776 from Brunswick, Germany to fight the colonists, but he escaped from the British command, joined the American forces, and fought against the British throughout the rest of the War.

Be prepared to be moved by the lessons Frederick Hill shared with his grandson. Those lessons can benefit all of us, children and adults alike, and they will be especially appreciated by today’s freedom-loving Americans who fear the power of the federal government. Frederick Hill’s lessons were timeless and prophetic, and involve the Founding Fathers, the Constitution of the United States, the Second and Tenth Amendments, freedom and liberty, the danger of debt, the real issue of the Whiskey Rebellion, the connection between government benefits and our possible demise, the difference between a democracy and a republic, and the definitive explanation of what a natural born citizen is, and why insisting that every president of the United States be a proven natural born citizen is critical to the survival of our nation.

“At its helm, this book is an attempt to impart some very important life lessons on today’s youth,” explains Nelson. “They’ll journey right alongside Frederick as he leaves Germany, fights on both sides in the American Revolutionary War and meets a few well-known historical figures along the way. Above all, children will come to understand that the freedom they enjoy today isn’t a right, but something that was ‘earned’ through much hardship and loss, and that we must be vigilant to keep it.”

Continuing, “Everything is historically-accurate and, while the discussion with his grandson is fictional, his story is a true microcosm of the tens of thousands of people who worked tirelessly to put pride in the stars and stripes.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Alicia comments, “The author sets the stage very effectively, and illustrates the book with simple but delightful original drawings. She uses the literary device of having 83-year-old Frederick Hill tell his grandson, George Washington Holler, about his eventful life during the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Nelson, a dedicated educator and researcher, provides clear explanations for difficult or period vocabulary and offers a plausible explanation accounting for the in-depth recollections of Frederick Hill so late in life.”

Jim from Virginia was equally as impressed, adding, “Fascinating! A window into the past! This book held my attention from beginning to end, especially the details of Frederick joining the American forces, his activities during the war, and his encounters with well-known people. The author has done an excellent job of simplifying complex concepts, making them understandable to all. People of all ages would enjoy this book.”

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About Emma L. Nelson
The author, Emma L. Nelson, has been an elementary teacher in the Mt. Lebanon School District, near Pittsburgh, for thirty-nine years. Also, she and her husband are historians and genealogists, and they have researched, written, and published two historical biographies - From Great Men: The Famous Ancestors of Alice de Plumpton, and James M. Corns: The Ancestry and Life of a Warrior.

In this book, enlightening for both children and adults, Emma L. Nelson (a fourth great-granddaughter of Frederick Hill) brings together her strengths as a teacher, parent, published author, artist, and historian.