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Free 21 Rustic Soups & Stews You Need in Your Life Cookbook Loaded with Rustic Soups, Wholesome Living, and a Family Legacy


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 -- Food blogger and author Florentina has released a free e-book to her blog subscribers, which she dedicates to the memory of her grandfather, who played a major role in the blogger's life and career. The book, 21 Rustic Soups & Stews You Need in Your Life is just a glimpse of what the writer regularly publishes on her website, which focuses on creating wholesome, organic recipes from handpicked ingredients. Many of the recipes are direct successors to the meals she grew up with.

"I can remember him in the kitchen so vividly," Florentina says. "He would literally spend hours preparing a single meal, and I'd watch him with baited breath as he lovingly prepared all the handpicked ingredients. I couldn't be more excited to share the same recipes I watched him prepare with my readers."

21 Rustic Soups & Stews pays homage to her grandfather's love, passion, and dedication to wholesome living. It also serves as a thank you to the author's growing fan base.

Florentina, who says she has been "playing" with food since she was just a little girl, has turned her passion for simple, home-cooked meals into an online phenomenon that is capturing a growing online audience. Her latest free e-book is a tribute to her audience, as well as her grandfather, who had a tremendous impact on her love for food and is the inspiration for many of the recipes described on her website and in her book.

"I'm so blessed by my readers. They are what make all this possible, and I've been so encouraged by the response they've given me since launching my website."

Those interested can follow Florentina and all her latest recipes at her website, Ciao Florentina, by clicking here: The writer also offers a free e- mail subscription.

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Ciao Florentina