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Free 30-Minute Consultations Are Available at Sarieh Law Offices


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2016 -- Family disputes often leave people feeling stressed and emotionally drained. While many of these disputes may be settled peacefully, it is not uncommon to need the assistance of a qualified, competent family law attorney. Sarieh Law Offices, based in Santa Ana, California offers families throughout the greater Orange County region a free 30-minute consultation to discuss their case, what options are available to them, and develop a plan for a successful outcome for their clients.

"I've been through a divorce, so I can relate to many of my clients. I understand the emotional and stressful time that they are going through. However, once their spouse has served them divorce papers – or once they've decided that they want a divorce – it is important that they seek legal counsel to help them through this emotional time," said Wail Sarieh, founder of Sarieh Law Offices. "Unfortunately, once a divorce, child custody dispute, child support contest, or other family issue begins, conflicts often escalate, and strong emotions may interfere with rational decision-making. During these times, people need an aggressive attorney by their side – one who truly cares and understands the emotional turmoil they are going through and is committed to the successful outcome of their case."

About Sarieh Law Offices
Sarieh Law Offices strictly focuses on all areas of family law, including child visitation, annulment, legal separation, marital agreements, guardianship, domestic violence, and adoption. Additionally, they have helped hundreds of people throughout the greater Orange County and Los Angeles region through mediation and modification of current case agreements, discovering a spouse's hidden assets and making adjustments to child custody and visitation arrangements when a parent moves away.

"One of the most important things people should know when they are going through a family legal dispute is to know their rights, how to proceed, and what to expect," said Attorney Sarieh. "Our firm's free 30-minute consultation services help empower our clients with this knowledge. By the end of the first 30-minutes, our clients will understand what their rights are, what to expect throughout the process of their case, and what steps we recommend they take to ensure a successful outcome for themselves and their family."

The firm firmly believes that each case is unique and requires a specific approach to receive a favorable outcome. "We do not have one strategy for all cases, and we do not believe in boilerplate responses. Every case and situation is unique, and that motivates us to find answers that best suit every client's needs," said Attorney Sarieh. "We encourage new clients to contact us and request a free 30-minute consultation to discuss their case and learn what the 'next steps' should be in handling their family legal disputes."

For more information about Sarieh Law Offices or to schedule a free consultation, please visit or call 714-542-6422.

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