Free and Fast Credit Restoration Service for American with Bad Credit or No Credit

With the number of people who are living with a poor credit rating, it’s not a wonder that free credit restoration businesses are in such high demand. While these companies can be somewhat helpful to some people, many others would like to accomplish the task of restoring their credit by themselves.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- offers these suggestions toward that end:

- Creditor contact
- Debt consolidation
- Credit reports
- Credit repair companies

Contact Creditors Immediately

The moment one realizes that there’s a fiscal issue that may prevent him from making his monthly payments, he must get in touch with his creditors. Part of American credit restoration is that an individual let his creditors know why he’s having trouble making his payments. Often, these creditors will work with a concerned borrower to devise a mutually satisfactory payment plan that the debtor can afford. However, the creditors can’t help a person if they are not aware of the problem, so it’s best to contact them right away if a problem exists.

Apply for Debt Consolidation

A person does not need the services of a free credit restoration business to improve his credit standing. There are many options that he can employ at little to no cost that can accomplish this goal. One of them is to debt consolidation. Individuals can do this either through their own lenders or through a debt consolidation company. Simply fill out an application, listing all of one’s debts, and request a debt consolidation loan to pay them off. If approved, every debt a person has is cleared and he has only a single payment each month instead of several, more expensive ones.

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Get Credit Report Copies

Another step in American credit restoration is getting copies of one’s credit reports from each of the three major reporting bureaus and going over them in detail. Look for errors or inconsistencies, and if any are found, write letters of dispute to the reporting bureaus. It takes some time for them to reach a finding, but up to 20% of negative items can be removed from one’s credit reports in this manner.

Utilize a Credit Repair Company

If one doesn't feel comfortable restoring his credit rating on his own, it’s a reasonable step to work with a free credit restoration company. These companies will , for a fee, help one to get his credit issues resolved by contacting his creditors and requesting considerations that will reduce the amount due to each one. These considerations may include a reduction in principal of the debts or a lowering of the interest rates on them.

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