Scranton Mixed Martial Arts

Free Anti Bullying Educational Seminar

Addressing the impact of bullying and strategies to prevent bullying in our schools


Dunmore, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2013 -- Bullying has long been a problem in our society due to the fear it instills in parents and the harm it can do to children. Students, parents and educators should be equipped with the appropriate ways of preventing bullying acts and ways to help the children and families who have been effected by bullying.

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts has identified the need to educate people on anti-bullying and define a strategic approach that would help people combat the bullying acts. After a lot of commotion and legal involvement that has black marked several NEPA school districts, this organization is aiming to bring about a new perspective that would help the entire school district stand against bullying. This special educative event will be held on September 9th at 6pm. The event is organized by Tom McGuire and Jeff Reese at Scranton MMA located at 1000 Dunham Dr Dunmore Pa. The aim of this event is to ensure that students, teachers and parents are educated on the aspects of bullying and the way to fight against it. They believe that if this issue is addressed on a greater extent then it can be completed eradicated from the face of the society.

The event would address a holistic way of dealing with bullying by involving the victims, bullies and the witnesses. This would help to tackle any future occurrences and would also trigger a sense of fear for those who are actively involved in it. The strategies that will be shared also include ways to handle a person who is a victim and help them through their recouping phase. To be a part of this seminar on anti bullying education log onto or reach out to Admin@BullyFreeNepa.Org.

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