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100% Free Beat Software Allows Artist to Crank out Hits Instantly Without Lifting a Finger

Music Orbit's, Digital Beat Player, allows for virtually any artist to download beats and instrumentals for free. Artist are able to download the free desktop music application and browse through dozens of beats in all genres including Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop & Electro. All beats have exclusive rights to give the artist to freely distribute their music anywhere. This includes concerts, albums, demos, and other venues. Artist also get updates all all beats on a weekly basis.


Ontario, NY -- (SBWIRE) --11/10/2011 -- Ever wondered what top billboard artist have in common? Jaw dropping beats and instrumentals that pushed their songs to the number one position. With music orbit's digital beat player software artist have instant access to the hottest beats and free beat download for their music. Digital Beat Player is 100% Free to use and always will be. The software comes with over a dozen beats artist can easily download to their desktop or hard drive. Artist no longer have to search all over the web for free beatsand instrumentals to put to their music. Digital Beat Player allows for any artist to make hit songs easily with out beats. Each and every week the software is updated from a remote server with new and fresh beats that each artist can easily access.

Not only is the software for artist but Dj's can now download and play beats and instrumentals while mixing at live venus. Digital Beat Player allows for dj's to browse the playlist and play tracks over their mixes. Each free beat comes with its own unique BPM Tempo giving the Dj a useful resource for mixing records.

Music producers can also use Digital Beat Player. Music producers are use to creating beats from scratch leaving them with less time for more productivity in the recording studio. Digital Beat Player gives the producer a bundle of beats and instrumentals to choose from with ease. Music producers can now make more songs and worry less about creating beats.

Whether your a rapper, singer, Dj or even a music producer. Music orbit's digital beat player is the number one free beat download software, and will give you access to over a dozen of beats and instrumentals that will give your songs an unfair advantage of creating smash hits.

About Music Orbit
Music Orbit is the leading source for free beats, and instrumentals for unsigned artist. CEO founder Sean Smith is a music producer who has experience is audio, music , and audio engineering. By working with independent artist locally and globally Sean, and his team has developed digital beat player as a innovative application that can be run on any windows platforms. Music orbit has other ventures to soon hit the market such as media players, and music production software.