Free Books Bonanza! 37 Days of Free Health & Fitness Book Titles Given Away by Fitness Author


Alicante, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Andy Charalambous at, recently announced that over the next 37 days, starting from 16th April 2013 and ending on 22nd May 2013 he will be releasing a number of his book titles each day to be downloaded by anyone for free.

These 16 book titles are from a popular health and fitness series many of which were best sellers in their particular category. Most of the titles focus on different aspects of women’s wellbeing including the ever popular subject of weight loss. The books can be read on an ereader device or on any computer so there is no excuse for not getting all free copies.

“These books have become quite popular over the past few months and this is because women who want to achieve their health and fitness goals can do so by reading my books. They offer a full range of advice from not just one but several fitness experts in their field,” says Andy Charalambous, author and personal trainer.

The fitness industry is huge and there are so many personal trainers out there that it is difficult for clients to decide who is good and who isn’t.  How do you know you are getting the right advice?

In Andy’s book series all the experts have gained  positive reputations over the years and you can read a short biography of each trainer at the end of every chapter. The experts offer their professional advice, tips and tricks on the subject of that particular book. For example, in the 2nd edition of “The Best Butt Exercises for Women” there are 12 experts to choose from who provide exercises, workout routines, nutritional plans and more in just this one book.

“The appeal of the “Fit Expert Series” is that women can get the right advice in all areas of women’s health and fitness. The books have easy to follow exercise routines for butt, thighs and breast shaping, improving posture, getting fit, weight loss and even health issues such as PCOS and much more. There is also inspirational and motivational advice to help build self confidence for all areas of life,” Andy added.

Andy decided to do a free promotion over thirty-seven days for all his books to help women get a jump start to a healthier and happier life by following the correct advice provided by the contributing experts from the books.

Below are some of the free book titles:

- The Best Butt Exercises for Women
- Fast Fat Burning for Busy Women
- Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40
- Best Core Exercises for Women
- Beat PCOS and Boost Fertility
- The Best Flat Belly Exercises
- Fat Burning Exercises for your Butt and Thighs
- The Best Breast Exercises
- Get Fit For Your Pregnancy
- 50 Years Young
- The Best Exercises for Seniors
- 17 Minute Workouts for your Butt & Thighs
- 17 Minute Workouts for your Core
- 17 Minute Workouts for New Moms
- 17 Minute Workouts for Fat Burning

About Andy Charalambous
Andy Charalambous is a personal trainer, sports therapist and author of more than 20 eBooks. He has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry working with clients to help them lose weight, tone up, get fit and generally feel better about themselves.

Look out for the 37 day free health and fitness books bonanza starting from 16th April 2013. You can download your copies from Amazon or just visit Andy’s new website at You may also contact him at

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