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Free Cloud Storage Services Bring More Choice So BestFreeCloudStorageProviders.com Brings the Facts


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- As cloud storage providers change, grow and multiply, longtime users and potential users continue to seek out the website BestFreeCloudStorageProviders.com for expert reviews on today’s top free cloud storage providers as well as in-depth articles and videos on cloud storage. The resource website presents reviews on the best cloud storage providers as well as detailed information on what to look for before signing up for a free cloud storage service.

While online storage and online backup have been available for quite some time, the evolution of cloud storage providers in the last few years has taken cloud storage from lofty concept to grounded necessity. This second-stage growth has seen the introduction of a number of new players such Apple’s iCloud, Google’s Google Drive and Amazon’s Cloud Drive. Others like Dropbox have become household names, yet the myriad offerings of free cloud storage and free accounts has made the choice of provider difficult for novices and experienced users alike.

Longtime and novice users are increasingly turning to the information resource website BestFreeCloudStorageProviders.com to compare the top free cloud storage providers. The resource website helps users understand what to look for before signing up for a free cloud storage account and highlights some popular cloud storage providers that users can try.

“The now ubiquitous cloud storage free use capacity aspect offered by many providers requires potential users to investigate each one to be able to discern which is best for their individual needs,” said a BestFreeCloudStorageProviders.com website spokesperson. “Our goal is to present the detailed offerings, support, inner workings as well as the good and bad of what the best free cloud storage service providers offer so that users can make informed decisions.”

The best free cloud storage providers website compares each service provider by the amount of free storage as well as an extensive criteria list to help consumers judge the pros and cons of each service. Many of these cloud storage companies work on a ‘freemium’ model by which a certain amount of cloud storage is provided free of charge while a premium is charged for larger online storage.

In addition to detailed comparisons between a list of favorite free cloud storage services, the website also delves deeply into the features and functions potential users should look for when choosing a free cloud storage service. Storage capacity, extra free space for referrals and potential caps, real-time auto backup and length of storage time is discussed as well as much more. Readers can find detailed articles on the background and operation of each of the service providers with graphic side-by-side representation of features as well as links to their websites for signup. For more information, please visit http://www.bestfreecloudstorageproviders.com/

About BestFreeCloudStorageProviders.com
The website gives honest reviews on different free cloud storage service providers so that users can make informed decisions. The website also collects the profiles of different cloud storage services so that users can quickly review the information about different providers in one place. In addition, they furnish extensive information on the necessary criteria needed to assess providers.