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Free Consultation for Solar Panels Boca Raton

SunCool Energy Company is offering a free consultation regarding solar panels in Boca Raton covering installation and cost.


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2018 -- SunCool Energy Company is currently offering consultations for solar panels in Boca Raton for free. This option is available throughout the state and covers solar panels for your home and your business. The goal of this offer is to help people get information regarding the technology, it's advantages, cost and other bits of information that could be beneficial in making a decision whether to purchase the technology and have it installed.

"There's a lot of speculation online about this technology. For example, you can easily find dozens of websites that talk about solar panel installation and the information they provide is either false or based on technology that was used over five years ago. You can install these solar panels Boca Raton on nearly any kind of roof now and they are tested and able to withstand hurricane force winds. That's why we want people to call us, even if they are not looking for something right this minute. We want them to have the real facts so that they can make an informed decision." SunCool Energy Company Representative

One of the things SunCool will provide is a quote that covers the cost of the solar panels for your home or business, any tax credits you are eligible to receive, the amount you will save on energy usage each month as well as an estimated date of when the new system will actually have paid for itself based on savings. How much a person will save will be based on the tax credit, what they are spending on energy as well as how many appliances they switch to using this new technology.

"Everyone is different, so we take the time to go over what your exact figures will be before we even begin solar panel installation. For example, if you're a business that is spending thousands a month on electric and you plan on hooking up this technology to run something that is responsible for 30% of your energy costs, we will put those figures together to make sure that you get a realistic idea of cost as well as savings. We provide this service for free."

Interested parties may contact 855-446-2SUN (786) or

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For nearly a decade, SunCool Energy Company has served Florida home owners and business owners by providing elite service and high-quality products in the solar industry. Their staff is dedicated to provided the best quality assistance to their clients, helping them to save money and cut down on energy usage throughout the year.

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