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Donetsk, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2013 -- jsDelivr, a new content delivery network, has just launched its CDN to help speed up websites and blogs for free. Through its worldwide network of more than 80 servers, offers a freeCDN for developers, publishers and bloggers who use common applications on their respective websites.

“As a system administrator, I wanted to give back to the online community in a way that really helps all of us,” said Dmitriy Akulov, one of the creators of jsDelivr. “A lot of us might use a particular script, font or CSS framework, so why not develop a super-fast CDN to accommodate these common elements?”

According to Akulov, the CDN is public and anybody can use the files hosted without any rules or restrictions on its usage. There are currently 470 projects or files available on the CDN, over 20 times more than Google's or Microsoft's public content digital networks. Developers can submit their collections or the administrators will make a GitHub pull request. If the projects or files are deemed suitable, they are uploaded to jsDelivr and available for public use.

“This is similar to a non-profit wiki that distributes valuable information to develop website content,” stated Akulov. “Except, instead of visible text and information, we're distributing common scripts and files in the background to enhance your website's overall purpose.”

jsDelivr provides a free service with the help of the site's sponsors: MaxCDN, a content delivery network company based in Los Angeles, California; UserVoice, a U.S.-based SaaS provider of customer support tools; and Cedexis, a company that specializes in multi-cloud strategies.

“It's an ongoing project that's still being developed with the help of our sponsors and volunteers,” Akulov states. “We hope to host many more projects in the next few months – all users need to do is submit them for approval.”

For more information, visit and look for “jsDelivr” while searching for Wordpress plug-ins. The jsDelivr Wordpress plug-in will search your website and determine what files match those on the CDN, making your site load faster.

The website provides free CDN services to webmasters and developers. Anybody can submit projects for hosting that will then be distributed across multiple data centers across the world to optimize the delivery speed to the end-users.

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Donetsk, Ukraine