Free Credit Score Report Offers Free Credit Scores for Anyone Interested in Assessing Credit Worthiness


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Any individual who uses plastic money can apply for a free credit report at, a site where people can sign up over a secure connection and get a full detailed report of their credit report.

Banks and other private money loaning institutions assess the credit worthiness of a person before they can decide to give person a loan for a mortgage or any other reason. Credit score is actually a score created by banks and independent monetary agencies about how well a person handles credit, what is his history of repaying his debts, how much money he is likely to spend, what were his previous purchases and what is the probability of him or her making a default on the payment.

The credit report is an assessment or analysis of a person's trustworthiness and the assurance that he or she will return the money. There are many factors which are taken into consideration before assessment of credit worthiness. These can be, but are not limited to the following:

- former credit history
- the information handed down by other credit agencies
- the liability of a person to not make payments on time
- too much debt and unable to reach high ground
- savings in hand and the income being spent
- the likely items of purchase with the credit borrowed

It must be noted that if an individual is marked with bad credit report by one agency, it is not necessary that he or she may get the same score from another agency. But chances of getting a similar result are very high. It is important to have a healthy credit card history. A person should find a middle path of clearing his or her dues and expenses, it is not always necessary to make all the payments on time. But there should be a consistency in the matter. One should always stay above the line of debt. Even if a person is in debt, he or she should try to pay back at the first opportunity.

Free Credit Score Report can help people keep their expenses in check and use credit cards with more rationale. The better the credit card report, the easier it would be for people to get loans from banks and for the agencies to trust these people with their money and invest in their businesses.

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