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Free DMV Practice Tests Website Adds Answers for Teens Pursuing Their Driving Permit


Incline Village, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2012 -- FreeDMVPracticeTests.com has recently upgraded its Website with a new FAQ section for teens seeking their driving permit. The Website has also integrated with the Website AnswersForDrivers.com. FreeDMVPracticeTests.com provides detailed information and a free DMV practice test specific to each state.

While a drivers license is a necessity for today’s working adult, teens feel that obtaining their permit is no less monumental in their lives. As the high totem in the right of passage to adulthood and the signifier of promised freedoms, the teen drivers permit ranks supreme among its age group. In order to better prepare teens for their driving permit test, the informational Website FreeDMVPracticeTests.com has added a frequently asked question section for teen drivers seeking their permit. “Teen drivers are the most vulnerable drivers in our society and we’re constantly looking for ways such as the permit practice test and informational resource for new drivers to help them become fully prepared,” said a FreeDMVPracticeTests.com representative.

As part of an additional effort to constantly improve, the Website has also added access to the Website AnswersForDrivers.com. The new resource Website allows drivers from around the country to obtain answers to their specific driving questions from their peers. “While each state may maintain the same basic driving laws, many have additional laws that a new resident may not know about,” said the Free DMV Practice Tests Website representative. “This gives them an additional resource to get answers to their specific questions.”

The Free DMV Practice Tests Website representative pointed out that the best way to learn these differences is to download a copy of the driving handbook for the specific state, which can be found on their Website. The user can also be directed to the written motor vehicle practice tests from the state selection page. Each free DMV practice test covers all agencies including DMV, BMV, RMV, MVA, DPS, DOT, DOL, and DDS. The Website also provides motorcycle riders permit practice test and CDL endorsement tests.

Teens and their parents can avoid the frustration of taking the permit test repeatedly by using the site as a study resource. “Finally, parents can say to their teens, ‘you want to know how to get your driving permit?’” “‘Go to FreeDMVPracticeTests.com to study, and then we’ll talk,’” said the Website representative. For more information, please visit http://freedmvpracticetests.com

About FreeDMVPracticeTests.com
FreeDMVPracticeTests.com provides study material and information for all drivers to help make getting a driver's license or permit easy. The Website enables access to driving handbooks from each state as well as free practice tests. The available free practice tests cover all agencies including DMV, BMV, RMV, MVA, DPS, DOT, DOL, and DDS.