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Free Forex Signal Service Enables People to Choose from Thousands of Different Signal Providers, Reports Online-Trading-News.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- The forex industry is constantly evolving, and this is particularly true with regards to forex trading signals because it is now possible to access thousands of different forex signal providers from all over the world, and use their signals to trade the markets completely free of charge. To help people understand how this service works, Online-Trading-News.com have been discussing how this service works on their website.

According to this article, this service is available from a company called ZuluTrade, who effectively bring signal providers and those people who are looking for signal providers together.

Subscribers can look through the trading records of thousands of different signal providers, analyze their past trading history and look at lots of different stats. They can then choose to automatically trade the signals from as many of these providers as they wish (at no cost).

Whenever their chosen signal provider(s) enter (and exit) a position, the same position is entered in the subscriber's trading account. So if the signal providers are profitable, their subscribers are profitable as well.

There is a real incentive for the providers to do well because they make a small commission per trade per subscriber, and the reason why it is free to subscribers is because ZuluTrade make their money from the spreads as an introducing broker.

Commenting on this innovative forex signal service, a spokesman for Online-Trading-News.com said:

"Thanks to the advances of technology, it has never been easier for people to make money from forex trading without having to actually trade the markets themselves."

"They can simply spend a few hours looking for the most profitable signal providers on the ZuluTrade website, pick the providers whose signals they want to automatically trade in their own trading account, and hopefully make some decent returns if their chosen signal providers perform well."

Anyone that would like to find out more about this ZuluTrade service, or would like to find out how to open a free demo account in order to test it out for themselves, can do so by visiting:


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