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Free Gravity Game Website GravityGamesBox.com Updates Website With New Categories and Games


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2012 -- Popular gravity game website GravityGamesbox.com has recently upgraded the free gaming website to feature more gravity games that are now divided into convenient searchable categories. GravityGamesBox.com provides dozens of free challenging and fun gravity games that utilize the force of gravity within the game as a major element that must be manipulated to win each different game.

While gravity in the real world is the force that pulls all objects downward and connects us to the earth, in video games it can become a simulated force that can add or remove the force of attraction in any plane or direction. Gravity games have risen in popularity among gamers and they have begun seeking the best free online gravity games in greater numbers. To respond to the greater demand, the gravity game website GravityGamesbox.com has responded by expanding its roster of free games as well as adding categories to make it easier for players to find specific types of gravity games. “I wanted to upgrade the look of the site to make it more engaging while giving players the option of browsing all of the available games or looking in specific categories to find the type of game they desire,” said the GravityGamesBox.com website founder.

With more than forty games to choose from and counting, GravityGamesBox.com has something for every player and skill level. In addition to the gravity game categories such as Action, Puzzle, Skill and Sports, gamers can rate each game as well as see the list of the most played games on the website. Some of the great Action category gravity games include “Spacedude Gravity Danger,” which puts the player in control of an astronaut lost in space that has the ability to change the direction of gravity. The player must guide the astronaut to find new abilities and find their way out of the maze. Players will also find fighting gravity games like “circle of Pain,” and funny as well as fun gravity games like “Gravity Duck.”

There are more than a dozen Puzzle gravity games to choose from. The unique storyline in “Knightfall” engages the player as a knight that must save the queen who is kidnapped by a devil. To rescue her, the knight must find and fall through different doors to reach the next stage of the game. Other Puzzle category games are more abstract such as “The Gravity Tangram” where the player must complete the tangram by choosing objects of differing shapes to create stable structures despite the pull of gravity. For more information and to play the many games, please visit http://gravitygamesbox.com

About GravityGamesBox.com
Developed by an internet marketer, the website GravityGamesBox.com provides gamers with the best free gravity games online. Players have more than forty games to choose from where gravity is a major element that must be manipulated or overcome to win the game. Players can rate the individual games, search by categories or the full list of games, and more games are added regularly by the website’s founder.