Free Guide for 101 Secrets to Losing Weight Offered on Weight Loss Website- Critics Silenced as Users Offer Rave Reviews


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2011 -- According to a recent study, the online demand for effective weight loss programs and supplements is increasing at an exponential rate. Users are searching for quality information concerning weight loss, but reputable websites seem few and far between. Web surfers find out very quickly that most weight loss websites are trying to sell them something the minute they hit their landing page and rarely, if ever, do they offer any advice of real value.

This is the basis for In an effort to give up-front value to its users, the website provides a wealth of free weight loss tips and secrets that most websites try to sell to their viewers.

Recently, the website has been getting attention for an article on their home page that gives 101 high value tips for losing weight quickly and easily. The list covers how to identify hidden calories, how cinnamon can be used to satisfy sweet tooth attacks, when the best time to exercise is, how to properly allow a “cheat” once in a while to keep a diet on course, how stretching can promote weight loss, how to keep motivation at a peak on a day to day basis, and 95 other extremely effective tricks and secrets for losing weight and keeping it off.

Susan Summerville, who searches the internet regularly for weight loss advice, comments: “I’m always looking for weight loss tips. But most of the time it’s just someone telling me why their product is the best and why I should buy it. Once in a while though, I run across a website that is like a seminar in itself. That is what I found with ‘Latest Weight Loss.’ They have tons of articles and advice and constantly updated content. I visit the site about once a week and it has really helped me to lose weight and keep it off.”

In addition to offering free advice for their users, also provides real reviews on weight loss products and programs. As one of the central hubs to the weight loss community, the website has access to various opinions, studies, and real life customers which allow them to give real, unbiased reviews of the most popular products and services on the market.

Recently, a product called Phen375 has been placed at the top of their recommendation list. According to the makers: “Phen375 is a pure product that burns fat, suppresses the appetite, and can help users lose as much as ten pounds in two weeks.” The website offers a real review of the Phen375 on their website which you can see here.

If all this wasn’t enough, the website even offers a content-rich newsletter and a free ebook, “Extreme weight loss Secrets” to their loyal readers. Click here to get it now.

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