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Free Illustrated Children's Book Designed to Make Children Kind to Each Other

A new picture book promoting the ‘Pay It Forward’ idea to children is the talk of schools and libraries and is already an Amazon bestseller. Leading by example, the author has also decided to give the book away for free on Kindle and iBooks.


Westbury-On-Severn, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- The Author, N.G.K. says "The success has really taken us by surprise, we were always very proud of the book, but couldn't have expected the reaction from Parents, teachers and booksellers"

Described as an instant classic, Harry The Happy Mouse delivers an excellent message of kindness and helping others. N.G.K.'s rhyming text and use of alliteration is perfect, age appropriate and entertaining for young children. Award winning artist Janelle Dimmett's adorable illustrations bring this wonderful story to life. Not just for children, Harry The Happy Mouse is being used by life coaches across the United States as a teaching tool for adults as well.

Harry The Happy Mouse is an upbeat and positive tale about a cheerful mouse named Harry who lives in the beautiful countryside. One fine summer evening as Harry is strolling through the lush green hills he encounters a sad frog in need. Harry gladly helps the frog and then asks him to repay the kindness to someone else. The frog does exactly that and the book follows the good deed as it is passed along from one character to another.

This well written and beautifully illustrated 32-page children's picture book teaches children two valuable lessons. The first is that by selflessly helping another person, they make both themselves and that person feel happy. The second is the concept of paying a good deed forward demonstrating how one simple kind act can grow into something much larger with a broader positive impact. At the end of the book Harry is surprised to learn about the widespread impact his one act of kindness has brought about.

Praised by parents and grandparents, following are only a few of the five star reviews for Harry The Happy Mouse:

"The book has a great moral tale for children to follow, showing that one good deed leads to another and you don't necessarily have to get something in return to feel good. It is a great lesson for all children. I thoroughly recommend this book if you have children or grandchildren."

"Sweet little book with a great message for all! This rhyming book is one that you will have fully memorized within just a few reads. The words so easily flow together and they are just so much fun to hear out loud. Your little preschoolers will soon be reciting the book right along with you! Highly recommended."

Harry The Happy Mouse can be downloaded online at Kindle and iBooks for free. Hardback and paperback copies can be purchased online at or in select retail bookshops. An audio book version is available from iTunes.

For more information about Harry The Happy Mouse, please visit The website provides links for downloading or purchasing the book and also offers free downloadable Harry the Happy Mouse coloring and activity pages that children will enjoy completing.

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