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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- There aren’t many trusted utilities that let one keep track of activities on the computer. Frey Keylogger Pro is one of those few software utilities that fulfils this very function. With this freeware, one can either keep track of one’s own productivity, or log the activity of other users on one’s computer.

As a freeware, this tool is pretty straight forward. This acts both in favour of and against it. The good news here is that it is extremely easy to use and the interface is direct, minimal and basic enough even for a neophyte. But it is found wanting in terms of basic appearance.

This keylogger is packed like a pro, despite the fact that it comes for free. While it is, in a sense, a single function utility, it allows for a range of options, in terms of which activities to monitor, which parts of the system to keep tabs of and more. In the absence of clear instructions, it just records all activity, providing one with a log that is as extensive as it is exasperating. The key here, therefore, is to check the right boxes.

For example, one could choose to log keystrokes or what one copy and paste through clipboards or monitor the websites visited. Of course, each of these options can be altered, removed or changed at any point of time. What is really neat is that these logs can be accessed date wise, allowing for a clean, easily understandable final document.

But like all freeware, it comes loaded with junk, or software and add-ons that one neither asked for nor knows about. It is important, therefore to pay attention to the installation process.

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Free Keylogger pro is a freeware from a trusted company that allows one to log different kinds of activity on one’s computer.

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