Free Legal Services for Divorce, Get Consultation with Local Lawyers

Hiring a lawyer is an intimidating idea for many low income groups. Many who desperately need to find legal help have to go without because of the rates lawyers charge. The good news is that there are ways of finding free legal services because there is a widespread need.


PittsField, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- Legal Yogi would like to offer some suggestions for seeking legal aid to those who don’t think they can afford a lawyer:

- Finding Aid Through Government Services
- Finding Organizations
- Free Consultations For Legal Advice

Finding Aid through Government Services

For defendants who cannot afford a high powered attorney, states often offer legal aid. Types of legal aid include public defenders and public servants. A public defender will be offered at no cost, the defendant just has to prove their income.

For low income litigants in civil disputes, the US government has instituted a non-profit service called the LSO (legal services organization). They assist in over one million cases per year, but prefer communicating out of court; through letters, email, phone, and general advice.

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Finding Organizations

Many can look to their local law school for help. Some offer professor facilitated student clinics that specialize in certain types of cases. A litigant can call their local law school or seek out one nearby that offers a clinic and the type of help they need.

Many non-profit organizations will provide legal help if the case fits their cause. The ACLU provides help for low income families or individuals involved in civil rights or constitutional disputes. Many states have “Women’s Centers” that are available in person or online that can point towards free legal services for women.

Free Legal Consultations for Advice

Many might not need the full services of a lawyer. Free thirty minute consultations are often available to answer questions and provide information for low income families, or those looking for free legal services for divorce or other specific interests, who want to handle their own legal issues. The thirty minute time frame is a standard block of time that lawyers use to consider a case. It will usually include introductions, informational review, and a projection of the events of the case. If a litigant is properly prepared, asking the proper questions, bringing enough primary reference material, and a general summary of the background of the case, they’ll be suited to handle their dispute.

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