Free MMO RPG Launched by FiveRivers Technologies


Lahore, Pakistan -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- FiveRivers Technologies is a Lahore, Pakistan based software firm. The company has been working in enterprise, mobile and web technologies since 2003. FRT has worked with several clients and companies all over the world developing everything from high end enterprise solutions to mobile games and utilities.

FiveRivers has recently announced the launch of their first MMO RPG title ‘Global Attack’. Global Attack is a highly addictive strategy game based on the popular classic board game Risk. The story line focuses on a world in peril and the user acts as an army general who is out to conquer the world and restore peace.

Global Attack requires the player to use good tactic and amazing strategy to conquer the world. The game is very easy to play with compelling graphics and highly addictive gameplay. It has undergone several iterations and usability tests to make sure the gameplay is intuitive and fun for the end user.

This amazing game is now available for FREE on both the iPhone and Android. You can access the iPhone version  here and the Android version here.

You can build up your army choosing from an array of interesting elements. Choose from infantry, helicopters, mad scientists, robot dogs, submarines and much more. Make sure your barracks are large enough to hold all your units. Challenge other players from all over the world and conquer the world one enemy territory at a time. Every battle you fight will help to boost your experience and will earn you more and more oil and currency.

Global Attack has all the components of an amazing MMO RPG strategy game that requires the user to use good tactics. The game play is addicting, the graphics are very attractive and the storyline is interesting.

This MMO RPG game is available for FREE download today on both the iPhone and the Android platform. Download it now and take a shot at conquering the world!

About the Company: FiveRivers Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is an IT company, based in Lahore, Pakistan focused on providing outsourced technology services to a variety of international customers. With ISO:9001 certification and implementation of CMMI level 3 processes, FiveRivers offers the best balance between process, quality standards and speed of execution for  its clientele.

FRT specializes in Web 2.0 development, Mobile Applications, Systems Management, Location Based Systems and Enterprise Applications. FiveRivers is the ideal partner for projects that can benefit from low-cost implementation and tightly coupled project management.

Media Contact: Saad Hussain  – CMO FiveRivers Technologies
Company Location:  Lahore, Pakistan

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