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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- The Portable Document Format, which is more commonly known as PDF, is a digital mainstay of professionals, corporates and anyone who needs to share printable content easily, across the world. The Free PDF Reader allows the user to view content in the PDF format seamlessly, and without any glitches.

The software itself is extremely small and is easy to download and install. Since it comes from a trusted source, one need not worry about safety. Despite the fact that it is a freeware, it is totally bug free and is also free from adware, malware or pesky sign-ups during the process of downloading or installation.

This software tool is a single function utility that allows the user to view PDF files, that may contain any information, be it text, images or hyperlinks. What sets this particular tool apart, is the fact that it allows the user to avoid having to download and pay for Adobe Software, which is neither free, nor small in size. What is more important is that in order to fulfil a single function, one might have to download an entire suite, in the absence of a simple software such as the PDF reader. The fact that it is a freeware has made it a must have for desktops, PCs and other devices.

The PDF reader is quite user friendly and intuitive to use and is therefore apt for beginners and neophytes as well. Despite this fact, it also comes with a simple instruction manual, which gives step by step instructions to first time users, thus putting them right back into the comfort zone.

About Free PDF Reader
The Free PDF Reader is a freeware from a trusted company that allows the user to view PDF files without having to download other cumbersome software.

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