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Free PDF Solutions Offers Free PDF to Excel Converter for Easy Data Access

Free PDF Solutions have released the converter for free in order to enable people trying to access the information in PDF files to be able to do so with ease.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2013 -- The PDF format is a useful, lightweight format for presenting information in large volumes in the digital realm, and is especially useful when scanning printed documents, as software can use the format to visually transcribe the contents. Despite this, most PDF files are locked as a read-only file and cannot be edited, and the text from them cannot be copy and pasted as with other text based formats. This creates major problems for individuals in every field from literature and academia to science and technology. As a result, Free PDF Solutions was created to address this issue and unlock the data in PDF files.

Their latest software is the PDF to Excel converter, the latest in a suite of PDF converters that promises to unlock the content of a PDF and make it readily available in a program that allows individuals to manipulate the content- an essential process for those wishing to quote statistics in a report or check the calculations themselves.

It allows users to convert PDF to Excel easily and quickly, and has a surprising amount of formatting and data retrieval options to ensure that users can get the information they need and then present it in the most useful way without having to extensively reformat raw information.

A spokesperson for Free PDF Solutions explained, “The Excel converter is the latest of these products and was created in response to the demand from our users. We have previously offered a whole range of PDF converters, offering to convert files from a format popular for reading but unusable in terms of crossing format boundaries. We cross those boundaries for our users with our converters, which convert to Word documents, HTML code, and DOC formats. We also offer PDF unlocking and merging tools, so users can find every tool they might need to free themselves from the limitations of the PDF format. ”

About Free PDF Solutions
Free PDF Solutions have been addressing the challenges of accessing data with PDF files for years, and have recently released a free version of their PDF to Excel converter that allows individuals to derive information from PDF files and place it into excel tables with ease, opening up a world of possibilities. For more information, please visit: