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Free Picture Solutions Creates XPS File Viewer to Open the Format to Viewers

Free Picture Solutions has released a XPS file viewer that allows individuals to open and view XPS files, including all text and images.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- XPS was designed as a Microsoft developed alternative to PDF, allowing individuals to send text and image files in a read only format that can be used for documents, presentations and even websites. The XPS format offers several advantages but falls down when it comes to viewers, who find it difficult to access the format. Free Picture Solutions has created an XPS file viewer to solve this problem, and allow users a means to take advantage of the XPS format’s unique feature set.

The software is free to use and is one of the simplest XPS Viewers available, allowing users to open XPS files, zoom in and out to rescale documents appropriately, jump to individual pages or scan through page by page. It requires no additional Office software or codecs and is compatible with all Windows versions. It is a lightweight software that promises to be easy on a computer’s resources and so will not slow down performance.

The XPS Viewer is freely available to download from the Free Picture Solutions site as well as major resource centres like CNET. It comes with a complimentary unlimited license and so can be used to view any number of files without the need for any premium subscription.

A spokesperson for Free Picture Solutions explained, “The XPS viewer makes this niche format more accessible than ever before, and allows users to see XML markup files for each page, resizable text using embedded fonts to avoid compatibility issues, scalable raster images and 2D vector graphics as well as the digital rights management information for the document. In this way, the format can be used for its best purpose without those creating the documents having to worry about the lack of compatibility.”

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