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Free Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration: Data2CRM Automated Breakthrough

Data2CRM is an innovative online service that supplies its users with fast and accurate CRM data migration, recently launched a new option - automated migration from Salesforce to SugarCRM and vice versa. So, from now on business owners which considered about the migration to or from these CRM systems can accomplish this process successfully, securely and cost free.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- With the aim of permanent generating of new migration solutions, Data2CRM turns into reality its fixed plan of facilitating the process of data migration and introduces Salesforce to SugarCRM switch as a new switch alternative. The service enhances the migration obstacles and offers a simple, direct and precise CRM data switch without laborious coding methods. So, CRM data will be migrated from Salesforce to SugarCRM automatically and completely hands-off.

Key Qualities of Automated Migration

Data2CRM requires no downloading or additional installation, this is a web-based service with intuitive interface that reduces the migration to few elementary actions. So, the process will be performed even by the users without technical background. As long as there are no human interaction or time-consuming copy-paste or import/export approaches, the length of migration takes only few hours. In addition, the switch to/from Salesforce will be secure and chargeless.

Currently, Data2CRM provides the migration of the items:


Making the migration modules more advanced, the following relations were added:

Account (Member of)
Contact (Account name, reports to, organization name)
Task (Contact name, related to)
Opportunity (Account name, related to)
Virtues of Data2CRM

Due to the ingenious abilities of this service, the migration performance is direct, precise, effective and lasts few hours. So, here is other benefits of using Data2CRM.

User-friendly process. By means of automated procedure, the migration demands only few buttons to click. Technical knowledge and human interaction is restricted.

Time and money economy. Data2CRM is an online service and requires no extra installation or manual method of data migration from Salesforce to SugarCRM. Apart from that, the migration process is free of charge.

Go as planned. All agenda items will be fulfilled as long as the service guarantees the uptime of the current CRM platform during the migration.

Support services. Data2CRM provides an online live support that assists with the clients actively.

Find more detailed information about cost free Salesforce to SugarCRM migration here:

Taking into account tendencies and changes of the clients demands, Data2CRM constantly improves its migration options. The service provides two-way switch of BPM Online, SugarCRM, OroCRM, Vtiger, Zoho CRM, SuiteCRM, Insightly and recently announced Salesforce. However, the forward-looking prospects of this service announce the launching of new migration options in the nearest future. Apart from this, the greatest Data2CRM release is planned in the immediate future that will present even more migration options and high quality migration process.

About Data2CRM
Data2CRM is a web-based migration service, designed for accurate and fast CRM data switch between various platforms. This service is developed for hassle-free and flawless migration of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks to the dream CRM system in a fully automated way.

Media contact:
Ternopil, Ukraine