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Free Samples of REnuCELL, a Natural Therapeutic Plant Based Skin Care Product, Are Now Available


Grand Haven, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Free soothing samples of REnuCELL, a completely natural solution to roughness, redness and dryness of skin, can now be availed upon submitting a simple online application on the website

Despite the fact that REnuCELL which contains the key ingredient Phyoxolin, a patent protected plant extract, is actually far more affordable than other skin care products and comes with an additional 60-Day money back guarantee, the parent company of the product is offering free 2 soothing samples to all interested people displaying the confidence REnuCELL is backed up with. This confidence is however rightly placed as Phyoxolin has been recorded to have been used in Australia for past 1000 years for cosmetic and therapeutic use. Many scientists have even stated that the complete usage of Phyoxolin is still being discovered and as the extract will be optimized by testing and research its benefits will be further revealed.

Titled as ‘A natural alternative to soothe and restore problem skin’, REnuCELL has been proven to reduce redness, roughness and to restore damaged dry skin. Since the product is completely natural and does not contain any toxic chemicals that can have unwanted side effects, it is being widely tested and used by people who have tried numerous methods to solve their skin problems. Many consumers of varying demographics have stated that REnuCELL was very effective and did not only resolve their long lasting skin problems but also its usage resulted in a much smoother skin.

The effectiveness of Phyoxolin when used for ailing red, rough, dry and itchy skin according to researchers is due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The Australian government has even recognized the potential of Phyoxolin and is now backing up research for its optimization so it can be produced in large scale.

The free samples are now available at where testimonials by consumers and extensive information about REnuCELL and Phyoxolin are published.

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Infinite Healthcare Partners LLC is one of the leading companies that provides completely natural plant-based therapeutic skincare products. The company is currently offering REnuCELL which is comprised of a revolutionary patent protected extract Phyoxolin a solution for redness, roughness and dryness of skin. Through the online platform,, detailed information about REnuCELL can be viewed and the product can be ordered. The company is offering a 60-Day money back guarantee and another additional offer of getting free 2 soothing samples upon simple application.

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