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The San Antonio open container law went into effect in 2001, declaring all open alcohol containers within reach of the driver in a moving vehicle in violation. Anyone encountering one of these or other DUI charges should look for a San Antonio DWI lawyer immediately.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Legal Yogi would like to offer some background information as to the benefits and necessities of having a good DUI lawyer:

- About the Legal System
- Penalties
- Working with A DWI Attorney

About the Legal System
It is important for individuals to find lawyers with knowledge of specific county laws, as they differ considerably. The different structures impact the way the laws are enforced and applied. Finding help in the county of arrest is necessary for proper case management. A case for an arrest that takes place in San Antonio should be taken by a San Antonio DWI attorney.


With the proper representation, Texas courts might bargain with probation terms that lower jail sentences or fines. In some cases, additional measures such as interlock systems will be applied. Mandatory classes might replace probation sentencing or jail time. Other avenues may be offered by the court in place of sentencing that test the commitment of the defendant to legally retaining driving privileges. Second or third DUI offenses are usually harsher than the preceding one, with less of a possibility of probation offers. Next to jail time, in most charges, the charge that matters the most is license revocation. This obstructs various means of living such as transportation to work. For those with families it means less mobility for everyone. Without a proper defense for measures such as the open container policy, charges can unforgiving impact a person’s way of life. Jail time can cause numerous setbacks in areas from domestic maintenance to job attendance.

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Working with a San Antonio DUI Lawyer

Sentences and probation terms may be negotiated with the proper lawyer. The right lawyer can reduce license revocation, fines, and negotiate or reduce jail time. Jail time may be interspersed with grace periods to prevent offenders from losing certain days at home or at work. Jail can be arranged for weekend stays throughout the jail term or provisionally for periods when the amount of jail time endangers the employment of the offender. Offenders may be reluctant to pay the steep legal fees, especially if they are already facing fines, but the time that San Antonio DWI Attorneys can knock off of a sentence can prevent salary or even job losses and demotions.

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