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Free the Mind from the Past Through a Newer Version of Inner Oracle Cards for Android

Essential Pathways Reveals an improved version of Inner Oracle Cards App


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Essential Pathways is excited to announce a new version of the Inner Oracle Cards app coming out for Android. The app features dozens of beautiful illustrations. Fully redesigned, it is now tablet-friendly.

A quick and astoundingly accurate tool for self-transformation, it helps release, heal and awaken a person’s mind. With the app, people can achieve healing and growth by assisting users in moving past old perspectives, clearing out retained emotions, and releasing limiting beliefs. It helps reveal synchronicity and aids in seeing new possibilities with clearer version.

How Does It Work?
Inner Oracle Cards are similar to tarot card readings but have a unique set of 4 decks devised to provide practical insights about life. One has to simply determine the issue and negative tendency which is currently liming life and growth. The app follows the Jungian principle of synchronicity, and helps the user discover the conscious and unconscious affirmations which helps free the mind from the limitations of the past.

How It Changes Lives
People experience problems and limitations in life, and have the choice to deal with these challenges effectively or ineffectively. A powerful approach is to act as if they have created it, in the belief that if something was created, then it can be uncreated. The subconscious holds negative or limiting beliefs which yield manifestation of these negative unconscious beliefs, and it can be discovered through the app.

App Reviews
The app is one of the most innovative spiritual apps available, offering an interactive card reading. It received a 4.5 star rating, with people reporting it as, "Surprisingly effective," "Highly intuitive," and "Like a psychic in my pocket."

Other reviews are cited,

“Insightful The 1st 2 cards can seem strange until u pick the next 2, things make sense then & the reading comes together very well. I like the fact that u can choose a different 'conscious' affirmation card if the 1st one doesn't resonate with u. Great that u can share the reading via fb, email, twitter etc.”

“Love it! The readings are accurate, interesting and easy to use. Love that you can keep/send readings to email, blog or social networks.”

“Best app I am a healer, spiritual teacher. This application is very powerful and on the mark.”

About Essential Pathways
Essential Pathways ( has been helping people rediscover their true selves through guided imagery. Join us in the spiritual adventure of Awakening to our Greatness. Only subconscious limitations and retained emotions separate us from the Greatness that is our nature and the bliss that is our Home.