Free Videos Teach People How to Reverse Kidney Disease


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Healthy Kidney Publishing and founder Robert Galarowicz ND, teach people how to reverse kidney disease in multiple videos on his channel and in his program The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program. To go directly to his channel and start viewing over 25 videos click the link … Improving Kidney Disease

With the information available on the internet about kidney disease and with the majority of information coming from none experts these videos provide a great degree of relief. The reason is because each video is referenced to scientific studies that have shown what helps people with kidney disease. All the videos posted are under 2 to 3 minutes. Right to the point, so people can implement the changes right away with the next trip to the grocery store.

Here are some of the many topics Robert Galarowicz ND – Naturopath & Nutritionist shares in these videos.

In a video posted 3 months ago, he discusses one of the most important vitamins to use with kidney disease that has shown to help every single aspect of the disease. It improves kidney function and helps to reduce and eliminate the many symptoms. Click the link below …

Vitamin for Kidney Disease

In a video posted about 1month ago, he has great information about what foods to avoid with a kidney disease diet. Robert lists multiple foods that create more acid in the body which lead to a faster decline in kidney function. View this video by clicking the link …

Kidney Disease Diet Foods to Avoid

Herbs are often a controversial topic when it comes to kidney disease. Some herbs have shown benefit for the kidneys, but some herbs have shown harm. In fact, the common anti-rejection medication for kidney disease cellcept is made from a species of the herb cordyceps. Robert discusses what herb that is commonly used and promoted for kidney disease that should be avoided, click the link …

Herb For Kidney Disease

In one of his most popular videos he teaches people about a natural, over the counter, supplement and food that have shown to improve kidney function. No one can debate the information found in this video. It is scientifically proven and what the medical community would call evidence based. Click the link below …

Natural Remedy For Kidney Disease

This is an interesting video about a prescription medication in Japan and Korea that has shown to stop kidney disease. It is a natural supplement product available in the United States at most local health foods stores and in some pharmacies. What this product does is bind to kidney damaging toxins an take them out of the body. This product is used in hospitals for removing poisons from the body. It absorbs the poisons to be safely excreted from the body.

Natural Treatment For Stopping Kidney Disease

Diet is the most important aspect of treating kidney disease, because the kidneys are responsible for removing waste products and regulated minerals from food. Robert is back with another video describing and listing 6 foods to not eat with decreased kidney problems. Click the link …

6 Foods To Avoid With Kidney Disease

In his most recent video Robert talks about how to slow down the progression of kidney disease. Studies from the past, and a large study recently published shows what factor to control to drastically slow down kidney disease. Click the link …

How To Slow Down Kidney Disease

If anyone would like go directly to Healthy Kidney Publishing website to learn about their program that is helping people avoid dialysis and reverse kidney disease click the link ..

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