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Free VPN Accounts for Life Now Available with LiquidVPN's Latest Facebook Promotion


Westland, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- LiquidVPN, a VPN service provider offering access to anonymous VPN service that gives users Internet security and anonymous web browsing, announces its new Facebook promotion. To receive a free VPN account for life and get access the same servers their paid customers access, new customers can "like" the LiquidVPN Facebook page. Paid users can also receive a 25 percent discount off of the life of a subscription using the promo code "Privacy25."

In addition, LiquidVPN has recently released a new version of its VPN client for both Windows and Mac. This new and custom Viscosity client offers users one Windows and one Mac license for free. LiquidVPN has also begun accepting Bitcoins as a form of anonymous payment so users can keep their personal and private details even more secure.

VPN services are recommended for anyone concerned with protecting their private data while browsing the Internet or sending emails. The software protects users against unwanted data breaches that threaten their most sensitive information. For anyone who regularly uses guest networks in schools and offices, accesses Wi-Fi hotspots, downloads files or travels with their computer, using a secure VPN ensures all data will remain safe. By offering access to a free VPN account through the new Facebook promotion, Internet security and peace of mind is now available to everyone.

"LiquidVPN protects your privacy by encrypting data being sent and received using military grade encryption," explains an article on the LiquidVPN website. "Hackers, ISPs, governments and companies can intercept your e-mails and instant messages if you are not using a good VPN provider or because you are using a free PPTP VPN service of ill repute. Using our VPN client, your passwords, browsing activity and e-mails will look like gibberish, rendering them worthless to eavesdroppers and data sniffers attempting to intercept unencrypted data."

LiquidVPN's software is simple to setup and is then available to start using almost immediately. Several paid packages are offered including pro VPN service, which offers multiple sessions and unlimited data available at one month, six month and one year increments.

About LiquidVPN
LiquidVPN is a new company in the Internet privacy and security market, created in direct response to the ever increasing threat of criminals stealing users' data over unencrypted wifi networks, censorship from governments, geo-restrictions and over reaching government programs like PRISM. LiquidVPN provides affordable VPN service and SOCKS proxies it is located in Westland, Michigan. The company has a strict 0 logging policy on all of its VPN servers. For more information, visit https://www.liquidvpn.com/.