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Free Weight Loss Report Reveals the Truth About Fat Burning Foods


Wells, Somerset, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2013 -- Trying to understand what foods can and cannot be eaten when trying to lose weight can be an absolute nightmare, but a new weight loss report is now available to read online that reveals the truth about fat burning foods.

This free Truth About Fat Burning Foods report is divided into three sections and will inevitably dispel a few myths that many people have about dieting.

This report has been written by Nick Pineault, who is known as 'The Nutrition Nerd' because of his expertise on this subject, and it begins by explaining why people should stop trusting food labels, and why it is not possible to believe everything they say.

It then goes on to explain why there is no need to avoid saturated fats when dieting, and points out that by doing so people are potentially missing out on some of the best fat burning foods that are available.

The third and final section discusses why some of the so-called 'health foods' may not be as healthy as a lot of people think they are, and why they may actually be hindering people's weight loss efforts rather than helping them.

So overall this free report is an invaluable read for anyone who is currently struggling to lose weight. Indeed a spokesman for Articate.com, who reviewed this report, said:

“This report has taught me a lot about diet and nutrition, and I was particularly interested to read the section on food labels because I was completely unaware of some of the tricks food companies use to hide certain information from its customers.”

Anyone that would like to read this free report can do so by visiting:


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