Never Forget a Good Wine Again With Free Vivino Wine App

Vivino is a free iPhone and Android application that allows a user to take a photo of the wine bottle label, rate the wine and store it for future reference. The app, which has been updated with the social features, will make sure that wine drinkers never forget their latest great wine discovery by recognizing 500 000 different labels.


Copenhagen, Demark -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- Vivino is a free app for iPhone and Android that recognizes 500,000 wines using the smartphone's camera. The latest release includes social features, so a user can share their wine discoveries with friends and family. For normal regular people that drink wine on an ongoing basis for health reasons, and may have a dozen bottles in the house, and don’t really have the time or budget to sample many different wines, it the perfect app, especially for those times when out at a restaurant or a friends house and find a wine that is scrumptious. Unfortunately, by tomorrow morning the wine’s name will have been long forgotten, and this is where Vivino comes into play.

Vivino makes it so easy to remember the wine, and can be a fun app to build a collection of wines that have been sampled as people travel; either at the local stores or on holiday at different global locations. The app makes it easy to simply scan it in and then rate the wines tasted. A simple five-star scale classification makes it easy to save the wine and for future reference. What’s important to remember is to only scan in wines that are good so they can be remembered, or alternatively the really bad ones so they can be avoided in the future. Each scanning session takes about five to 10 seconds in total, and the Vivino team has made the process painless. A wine drinker can scan the label, rate the wine and add “tips” or “personal notes.” The app currently recognizes about 500,000 wines. Vivino CEO and founder Heini Zachariassen said in a veery recent Forbes interview, “The wines that we cover are not going to be fine wines, and they’re going to be normal wines, like Tesco or Safeway wines.”

The Forbes article and interview added that the new app update is available for iPhone and Android. Vivino was launched in early 2011 and since its launch, more than one million bottles have been scanned and downloaded. The iPhone app has been scanning an average of about 1,000 bottles per day.

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