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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- The free YouTube to MP4 converter is a highly useful tool for anyone who wishes to enjoy their favourite clips offline, even in the absence of the internet.

This freeware is extremely small and therefore quick to download. It is also easy to install. While the interface is quite simple to use, allowing even first timers to feel at ease, it does look a little tacky and simplistic. But what the software tool lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in functionality.

One can copy and paste the YouTube link of choice on to the interface with a few clicks. The software checks for the validity of the link and displays an error message in case the link is broken or has expired. Valid links are downloaded at the speed of the internet connection. The conversion process is extremely quick. There is also no generation loss both in the video and audio. The software tool also provides multiple options in terms of the quality of the output and allows the user to choose the destination folder.

An added feature that makes the YouTube to MP4 converter a must have freeware is its bulk URL feature. Through this feature, one can add multiple URLs to form a queue. This queue can also be altered in accordance to the users’ priority. Once the queue is built and the ‘convert’ button is clicked, the user need not stick around; the software will get the job done.

About YouTube to MP4 converter
The Free YouTube to MP4 converter is a freeware application that allows the users to download video links from YouTube and convert them to MP4 video files without generation loss.

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