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Free Zoho CRM to SuiteCRM Migration: Data2CRM Keeps the Path of Advancement

Data2CRM, automated web-service of successive generation, which enables with a simple, fast and direct CRM data migration, is delighted to announce the current achievement - automated Zoho to SuiteCRM migration. So, from now on, the CRM data can be migrated to/from each of these platforms at no cost.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- Holding its constant rhythm of breakthroughs, Data2CRM aims at erasing of boundaries, simplifying of the migration procedure and facilitating of automated switch. So, bound up with a new challenge, the service enhances a free and secure Zoho to SuiteCRM migration. All this enables the average users as well as advanced ones to manage the process of data transfer.

Relevance of Automated Migration

Data2CRM denies a single-minded focus on data transferring using heavy manual methods. The automated process requires no additional software or technical skills. The intuitive interface enables to shorten the duration of migration up to several simple steps. Due to hand-free switch, the migration takes only few hours. The service offers the accurate and direct migration from Zoho to SuiteCRM or vice versa.

At present, Data2CRM supports the transference of the following modules:






In order to make some of these items complementary, the additional migration relations were supplemented:

Account (Member of)

Contact (Account name, reports to, organization name)

Task (Contact name, related to)

Opportunity (Account name, related to)

Points in Favour of Data2CRM

Data2CRM aims at making the process of migration user-friendly, precise and time-saving. So, there are following advantages of using this service.

Migration is completely free of charge. The data can be migrated from/to Zoho CRM as well as from/to SuiteCRM at no cost.

Economy of time. Since the process is automated, there are no copy/paste actions and it takes few hours to complete the migration process.

Dependable and Secure. The migration has no impact on the uptime of the current CRM system. Moreover, the customer privacy and data protected from any outside interference.

Technical Support. Data2CRM offers support before, during and after the migration for every client.

For more information about free Zoho CRM to SuiteCRM migration visit:

Realizing the importance of improvement of sustained options, Data2CRM supports already SugarCRM, OroCRM, Vtiger, Zoho CRM, SuiteCRM and Insightly with two-sided migration. However, there is a number of forward-looking aspects and release of new CRM systems and opportunities will be introduced in not-too-distant future.

About Data2CRM
Data2CRM is a web-based migration service, designed for accurate and fast CRM data migration between various platforms. This service is developed for hassle-free and flawless migration of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks to the dream CRM system in a fully automated way.

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