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Free Zoho to Vtiger Migration: Data2CRM Pre-Official Release Goodies

Data2CRM, brand-new automated service, keeps to its fixed plan of breakthrough releases. Recently was introduced new option - Zoho to Vtiger two-way migration. So, from now on, the direct and quick migration of accounts, leads, opportunities, contacts and task is available for Zoho and Vtiger users likewise.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- Combining sophistication and simplicity, Data2CRM sets a new standard of fast, accurate, secured and automated data transference across various CRM platforms. This innovative solution continues to enlarge its list of ground-shifting achievements and the launching of cost free Zoho to Vtiger migration is one of them. The service is particularly suitable for technically-distant and skilled users as well.

What Are the Merits of Automated Migration?

Due to unequaled opportunities of Data2CRM, the automated migration free of human interference has replaced the enduring use of the manual and time-consuming export/import method. This unique web-based service doesn’t require additional installations and facilitates the high-speed and direct migration procedure. Besides, the intuitive interface shortens the switch process to a few buttons clicks.

Currently, the service supports migration of the following modules:


Aiming at improving the migration modules, these items have recently acquired additional relations:

Account (Member of) (supported Vtiger 5.x only)
Contact (Account name, reports to, organization name)
Task (Contact name, related to)
Opportunity (Assigned to)
Valuable Advantages of Data2CRM

This elaborate service intends to make the performance of migration process precise, fast and effective. So, Data2CRM provides with the following opportunities.

Migration speed. The automated service enables with short duration of the process - up to few hours.

Prudence in mind. Data2CRM is a cloud-based solution and requires no additional installations or human interference. Moreover, privacy and secured data access are guaranteed.

Constant agenda. There is no side effects on the uptime of the current CRM system during the transfer procedure.

Chargeless migration. Data2CRM offers free migration from Zoho to Vtiger or vice versa.

For more detailed information about cost free Zoho to Vtiger migration, visit:

The outline of present-day opportunities is a transitional phase of Data2CRM development. The service already offers two-way migration such CRM systems as SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, BMPOnline, OroCRM, Insightly, Zoho and Vtiger. Nevertheless, the extension of features and number of supported platforms will be launched in the nearest future.

About Data2CRM
Data2CRM is a web-based migration service, designed for accurate and fast CRM data transfer between various platforms. This service is developed for hassle-free and flawless migration of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks to the dream CRM system in a fully automated way.

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Ternopil, Ukraine