Free Zombie Games Website getting a lot of Attention in the Gaming Community with Massive Selection of High Quality Free Zombie Games


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2011 -- With the recent popularity of Zombie based media, Zombie Games Online is getting a lot of attention lately for their website that consolidates all the best free zombie games on the internet.

According to a recent study by gaming magazine, the demand for free games on the internet is at an all time high. People are looking for the word “free” when they go online, and though video games have always been something that were reserved for paying customers, today users can get their hands on free games that are just as entertaining as some of the most popular pay-for games on the market.

As recently as a few years ago, online players had limited variety when it came to free games. This was especially true when it came to free zombie games, which a user would be lucky to stumble across as he/she sifted through limited selections of boring titles. But today, as the demand for Zombie games hits an all time high, more and more game developers are releasing high quality free games onto the internet.

This is the basis for zombie games online. Focusing on the zombie theme and nothing else, the website is able to provide its viewers with dozens of original free zombie games that would have warranted a hefty price tag just a few years ago.

For avid gamers such as Kurt Snyder, Zombie Games online is one of his daily stops: “I love this website because it has zombie games and only zombie games. People who love zombies want a lot of options, and this website really does have it all. I personally spend hours each day taking out zombies, and sometimes, when I’m feeling really vicious, I’ll play games that allow me to actually be the zombie. This is a great website with a ton of free content. I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys playing video games.”

Zombie Games Online carries all the popular Zombie titles including Days2Die, Zombie Taxi 2, The Last Stand 2, and dozens of other games that allow players to choose their role in the zombie-human struggle. They can either play the hero in games like Lone Survivor, or they can actually be the blood sucking zombie in games like Infectonator World Dominator.

According to the website, Zombie Games Online is the place to be for zombie enthusiasts no matter what role they want to play: “For zombie lovers and haters, for the guy who wants to take over the world, and for everyone else who loves zombie games online, is the place to stay!”

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