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Online Children’s Free Arcade Game Site Expands Offerings


Haifa, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2011 -- Arcaderush.com the online free gaming Website for kids, continues to expand its offerings and advocacy for safe game play and computer use for children. Arcade Rush is the online home of hundreds of arcade games for kids including a host of safe addicting games like Bakugan to Max games featuring car, bike and sports adventure games and popular character games likes icarly, Ben 10, Garfield and many more.

Parenting has always been one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Today, with the economic pressure on all families and the lure of the internet and violent games, parents of young children have fewer choices for engaging, fun and safe entertainment to combat dwindling entertainment funds and the child’s desire to play online. “We created Arcade Rush as a safe place for kids to play online that would be both free and safe for them,” said the Arcade Rush owner.

With all of the talk of game addiction, parents are naturally concerned about finding ways to introduce young children to the internet and gaming in a way that does not hamper natural development and curiosity. Arcade Rush has many addicting games that help children have fun, stretch their minds as well as eye/hand coordination and are big fun without violence or disturbing images. The Website’s Max games provide all of the same attributes with an extra dose of excitement. From Batman and Spiderman adventure games to Super Mario and Avatar adventures, the dozens of Max games provide immersive game worlds that are safe, engaging and exciting.

Creatures have been a children’s lure since before television, but no character provides all of the best attributes of creature fun with kid heroes like the ever-popular cartoon Ben 10. Arcade Rush has dozens of Ben 10 adventure games that appeal to both younger and older pre-teen children.

All of the Website’s games are free as well as kid and parent approved. Here you will find plenty of free Bakugan, Dinosaur, flying, jumping, sports games as well as cartoon and TV character games. “We have a wide selection of free games available and we update them daily so kids always have new games to come back to,” said the Arcade Rush owner. The internet and video games can be wonderful places and experiences, but it’s important to help children develop good habits in safe places that are still fun and exciting.” To try the selection of free games, please visit http://arcaderush.com/