Freebird Publishers Lineup of Books Focuses on Prisoner Publications

Experienced Publishers Specializing in Literature For and By Inmates Showcase a Spectacular and Diverse Lineup


North Dighton, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2017 -- Spending day after day and month after month in prison can be extremely difficult. With ample time on one's hands, both reading and writing can be especially positive, creative, and constructive ways to pass the time. Freebird Publishers – a longtime provider of inmate services, prison publication, and education for inmates – is proud to share their extensive lineup of books to bring in the new year.

Freebird's publications range across many genres and friends and families on the outside are sure to find the perfect match for their loved one behind bars. Equally important is the fact that Freebird has the experience and the know-how to get these pre-approved books into inmate's hands without the great uncertainty that usually comes by any other method or retailer.

Titles from Freebird span from pragmatic and powerful pieces such as Life With a Record: Reenter Society, Finish Supervision, and Live Successfully; S.T.O.P. Start Thinking Outside Prison to those with a stricter focus on entertainment value including two non-nude photo books – Sexy Girl Parade and Hot Girl Safari. The latter set comes with great glossy full-color photos on large pages. Other fantastic publications include The Cell Chef Cookbook and A Year of the Corcoran Sun.

Another great way to give a gift to a loved one in prison is to give them the option to choose for themselves. With the latest edition of Inmate Shopper now available, inmates are now free to select exactly what they want. Over 1000 listings leave them with no shortage of items permitted in most prison situations including products, services, resources, news, sports schedules, a pen pal section, and much more. With over 350 pages, there is plenty to peruse.

"Although getting gifts into inmates' hands is a challenging one for most folks, it's what we do best and what keeps us thriving," shared Freebird Owner Diane Schindelwig. "We truly enjoy being able to help those on the outside give something meaningful, special, or even just plain fun to those on the inside to show they care."

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About Freebird Publishers
Freebird Publishers is based in Massachusetts (MA) and services the entire United States (USA). They provide inmate services, prison publications, education for inmates, prisoner services and products for the incarcerated with their main specialty being in prisoner publications. They also offer self-publishing services to inmates and their loved ones. Additionally, Freebird carries a line of Swarovski Crystal jewelry called Touchstone Crystals, gift baskets, flowers, and chocolates and more. Freebird's goal is to help prisoners by allowing them to better ready themselves and their families upon release by becoming a stronger person in preparation for reentry. They work with all inmates within all the levels Federal BOP, state prisons and county jails in the country.