ApplenMicro Introduces Politically Sided Vehicle Choices via New Infographic

The leading online car insurance resource, highlights the hard data behind the stereotypical vehicle choices made by those who claim to be Republican and those who claim to be Democrat. In addition, the infographic shows the percentages of those vehicles often chosen by one party and how many of the other party also own those vehicles.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 --, a comprehensive resource for all things related to modern car insurance options and affordable price quotes, has recently brought together expert information to launch 'Democrat vs Republican Infographics - Favorite Car by Party', a simple infographic that offers a plethora of information related to the vehicle choices made members of the two most prominent political parties.

There have always been some who have said certain ways of life and certain choices are more predominantly made by specific political groups, especially in regards to vehicles and fuel consumption, but there has never before been a clear cut way of seeing the data to back this up until now. While many people will say Republicans, who favor certain fuel and environmental related policies drive larger vehicles, when Democrats, who favor the other side of the fence, drive smaller vehicles, the proof has not been as easily compared before.

"It's easy to say one thing or another based on the perception that you might have," said Janet Tyler, a car insurance research specialist and spokesperson for "But to see that data, hard data, set up in a way that almost anyone can understand it gives anyone a whole new perspective on things. It allows you to see what was before only abstract."

Despite the fact that many stereotypes exist, the new infographic solidly places hard data into easy to read images that anyone can understand, showing everyone just what kinds of vehicles are not only on the roads now, but what kinds of vehicles are likely to be joining the roadways as more teenagers grow into driving aged adults capable of both driving, and voting.

"Beyond the simple information this infographic conveys," says Tyler, "It also tells insurance professionals what kinds of trends to expect and it lets drivers know what kinds of vehicles they may encounter on the roadways. It can help maximize the reach of smaller insurance businesses, while granting drivers themselves a new edge when seeking insurance for a new or pre-existing vehicle."

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