Freedom Insurance Group, Inc.

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. Provides Yearly Reviews Saving Customers Hundreds of Dollars


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2017 -- Insurance should not be seen as a one time deal that is set in stone, but rather an ongoing dialogue between the provider and their client. Too many insurance companies focus too heavily on the initial setup of a customer's insurance plan, and not enough on subsequent changes or modifications to the plan that could benefit the customer over time. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. provides yearly reviews that help their customers tailor their auto insurance in Yardley, PA and personalize their other insurance plans to save money.

In today's ever-changing market, it is easy for oversights to be made in an insurance plan or for new opportunities to go unnoticed. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. takes risk management seriously and regularly reviews customer insurance policies, which both strengthens coverage and provides savings unmatched by other insurance companies.

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. is unique because it is an independent Pennsylvania Insurance agency that has appointments with fifteen major companies that cater to local customers. This allows for continual assessment of customer coverage and rates as well as accurate advice on which coverage can supply the best rate for an individual when their needs change. Yearly reviews optimize coverage and minimize price, often saving customers hundreds of dollars annually.

Those who are looking to save on their monthly costs should consider getting in touch with Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. right away. Contact Freedom Insurance, Inc. with any questions on home insurance in Yardley, PA or to take advantage of their many discounts. For a quote or to set up an appointment, please call Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. at: 215-375-7733.

About Freedom Insurance Group, Inc.
Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. was established in 2003 by Anita Allegezza as an independent agency. Their focus is on property and casualty insurance, aspiring to be the only agent their customers need. They pride themselves on customer service, and are confident in their ability to give them the personalized protection they need. Being a Trusted Choice Agency allows Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. to tailor their insurance policies from competitive rates and give their customers complete coverage for all stages of their lives.

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