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Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. Suggests Bringing Spring Cleaning Outdoors


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2020 -- While many people are spending their time indoors due to the current quarantine, the exteriors of many properties are going without the extra attention they deserve. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. has taken the initiative to remind everyone of three small tasks that can make a big difference in the overall health of their homes.

Their first point of advice is one that many people are dreading: cleaning the gutters. While easily one of the least appealing tasks, cleaning gutters is crucial to keeping a household's exterior safe, clean, and free of leaks. However, this chore can turn dangerous if done without the proper safety precautions. While Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. offers homeowners insurance plans that cover liability should someone get hurt on the property, it is still essential to be safe during any home maintenance project.

Most insurance companies recommend investing in a security system for properties, but maintaining the system's cameras can also be easily forgotten. For security cameras to be the most effective, they need to have no dust, scratches, or damage. The company recommends using compressed air and a microfiber cloth to ensure the most thorough cleaning.

Along with the gutters and cameras, a household's flower garden may be struggling without the usual TLC it gets in normal circumstances. Trimming bushes, watering flowers, and clearing out any debris that has made its way into the area can make a massive difference to the visual appeal of the home's outdoors.

While their specialty is offering home insurance from Yardley to Philadelphia and everywhere in between, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. strives to assist all of its customers throughout this unprecedented time, whether it be with claims or just providing thoughtful advice on cleaning. For more information, contact the company today.

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