FreedomSoft 4.0 Free Trial Available Now Says Company


Lutz, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- FreedomSoft 4.0 is now available for free trial access during the month of March and if successful - beyond then. The company announced the risky marketing strategy as a promotional campaign like no other.

FreedomSoft 4.0 is the newest version of Preston Ely and Andy Proper’s successful real estate software which the company is using as a flagship to carry them into unchartered marketing waters. Beginning March 19th, the “dynamic duo” as they are referred to in industry circles will unleash their new strategy on the real estate investing world with hopes that it will serve as a harbinger for more progressive business practices to come. With this release, which the creators promise is “faster and sexier” than its previous incarnations the team is trying a “free trial” approach to allow customers to try the system risk-free for 30 days. There will be other offers presented of course, but the customer is under no obligation to accept them to receive their free access. The maneuver is risky and seldom used with software applications like FreedomSoft 4.0; however, the company seems confident that they have discovered a better way of doing business and maintaining customer loyalty.

One of the reasons for their confidence is the quality of the product. Being that version 4 is being offered, it can be confirmed the software functions as promised and customers are satisfied with their results. The jury is still out on whether the brand loyalist will embrace a move to a free trial model but early results are promising. The company itself is not certain how this marketing device will translate in the long term but they remain optimistic based on what had been seen in test groups thus far.

The true test will be the opening doors of the current marketing campaign which is also unique in itself. Instead of the grand scale product launches of past versions, this campaign is being done without frills and extras. The release of FreedomSoft 4.0 promises to be one for the trade books already. Regardless of its success or failure, the honor is in the attempt and the belief that customers will respond positively to more openness in marketing.

Freedomsoft 4.0 free trial launches March 19th, 12:07 pm. For more information or to get involved, visit

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