Joe Bragg Launches to Create Online Library


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- Since the creation of the internet, the dissemination of knowledge has increased at an exponential rate, with freely available material open to all. Much of this material comes in text form; from classic books to instructional manuals, educating oneself through the pursuit of reading is now theoretically easier than ever.

Where before readers may have had to visit a library to find books, Free Download is a website dedicated to providing a library style resource on the internet, and absolutely free. The site has been active since 2011, and now draws in more than 250,000 users a day.

The site carries content in all major text formats, including PDFs, PPTs, TXTs, XLS’ and DOCs. The site adds thousands of ebooks and manuals daily, as its algorithms are tailored to trawl the web on behalf of eager readers and collate material in these formats. Using the search function, readers can select what format they’re looking for their material in, and immediately discover resources matching their search terms.

The site places a premium on its design, with free downloads of popular ebooks and manuals made elegantly simple. The site features an infographic explaining its advantages, including the design, inbuilt reader for easy preview, viewable statistics on documents, all the languages on the internet, intuitive search and continual algorithmic expansion.

The site also features a ‘most popular’ section, which delineates by file type and offers most popular statistics by month, week and day. With search results gathered from all over the web and searches undertaken by such a wide variety of users, it provides a fascinating landscape that lead to new discoveries in fields other users may previously have left unexplored.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “With Google’s algorithms changing to give ever increasing precedence to multi-media and local matches, a lot of the most basic text document searches are being left behind. By keeping our algorithms a little more old-school, we can weed out all the unnecessary information in instances where users are simply looking to find a text document. It’s a simple solution, but it’s proved to be hugely popular as a result.”

About Free Download
Free Download is a website dedicated to creating a online library of text documents in all formats, enabling free and easy searching and downloads of everything from literary classics to instructional manuals. For more information please visit: