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Freehosting Makes It Possible to Host Your Website Absolutely Free offers a new and exciting way of hosting websites for free.


Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2016 -- Imagine a world where companies won't have to pay for hosting their websites. According to Simple Host Informatica, this can now become a reality. Free website hosting is now possible for companies and individuals with Freehosting. They offer a number of free hosting features that companies are quite unlikely to find at other popular website hosting resources.

"Unlike other free web hosting services that claim to offer free hosting but slip in a lot of terms and conditions that invariably ends in extra or hidden charges, Freehosting web hosting service is absolutely free, says the spokesperson for the company. "We have over 12 years of experience in the industry and have created and powered more than 800,000 websites till date. We are a professionally managed web hosting service, committed to deliver a great hosting experience to all our valued clients."

Companies looking for Linux website hosting can choose Freehosting as their hosting provider and get full Linux web hosting with PHP and MySQL and with resources that other paid hosting services do not offer. Freehosting also offers Free SSL for all domains which can be installed from the client's cPanel account via Let's Encrypt in a few clicks.

There are many other benefits of using web hosting service from Freehosting. The service comes with a powerful, one-click web application installer by Installatron. Freehosting also offers companies the advantage of automatic data backup by the powerful JetBackup system. The system is designed to run automatic backups on a daily basis. Companies can also access features like 30-days retention, self-restore GUI, and single file restore. They can download files from backup storage which runs on external servers.

Freehosting offers free, high performance web servers from LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteSpeed is an Apache drop-in replacement that can serve thousands of clients simultaneously and yet keeps memory consumption to minimal levels. The system can serve static content faster and boost PHP performance.

With the free web hosting service from Freehosting, companies can manage their websites more smoothly and efficiently. The speed of websites is also enhanced significantly with PHP7. If another version is needed, they simply have to go to their cPanel and make the right choice.

Freehosting is acclaimed by experts as one of the most reliable server hosts. Clients can experience high level server stability with Cloud Linux OS. The storage is powered with SSD cache which guarantees better performance for websites and database of users.

One of the biggest benefits of using the free hosting service from Freehosting, apart from the cost benefit, is that it comes with a superior security cover. The much-acclaimed CageFS, a virtualized file system and a set of tools that puts each user in its own 'cage', ensures that the hosting process is fully secured. Users will operate in an isolated environment and have access to safe binaries only.

Freehosting is being sought-after by many companies and individuals, not only because it is free to use, but also for its powerful technologies, performance guarantee and service.

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