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Freeing Canada Launches Rainbow World, the New Escape Room Experience with a Ball Pit

Freeing Canada has designed a new escape room called Rainbow World, which takes place in a full sized adult ball pit, helping people to engage their inner child in order to escape.


Richmond, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- Escape rooms have become a popular way of entertaining a small party of friends or co-workers, and are even a fun activity for a date. The escape rooms trap people inside a room for sixty minutes and make it their task to escape as quickly as possible by overcoming numerous challenges. Escape Company Freeing Canada Station recently introduced their newest theme, Rainbow World, which contains a ball pit for adults. Rainbow World is the first childhood themed escape room in Western Canada that features an adult ball pit, allowing players to splash around and relive their childhood memories while solving challenging puzzles.

The new room is their largest game to date, able to accommodate up to 10 players, who will be expected to work together and think outside the box in order to escape, solving a series of challenging physical and mental puzzles, all to get the door open in the shortest time possible.

With a difficulty rating of six out of six, the room represents the ultimate challenge for experienced teams and new players alike, with a sixty minute time limit. On Freeing Canada's custom five factor matrix, the game offers little in the way of fear, but maxes out on next gen puzzles and intensity, ensuring a frantic journey to freedom.

A spokesperson for Freeing Canada explained, "We are thrilled to be able to offer the Rainbow World experience to our players, and we believe it makes a great addition to the other experiences we have available. The tone and challenges are unlike any of the other escape rooms we have created, making it a fun and unique experience that will help players of all ages connect with their fun side while still having all the excitement of the fair."

About Freeing Canada
Freeing Canada is a popular escape room company located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, with six uniquely themed rooms of varying difficulty. This wildly popular new entertainment concept is designed to challenge players of all ages. It is a real life alternative to computer puzzle games and offers a social experience to enjoy with friends or new acquaintances.

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