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Freeing Me: Losing My Religion to Find God - Former Pastor's Shocking & Insightful Memoir Exposes Church's Tragic Culture of Control

Written from the heart and experiences of Travis Klassen, ‘Freeing Me: Losing My Religion To Find God’ recounts the author’s realization of the modern church’s true mandate, and his dramatic departure from formal religion in an attempt to rediscover his faith. Is the church really about the divine love of God, or is it a shrewd money-making machine obsessed with control? Klassen bares all with candor and grace, in a memoir that will soothe the soul of anyone feeling rejected by their faith.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Nobody within the church will deny that their global institution is losing its crowd and reputation at an alarming pace, but identifying the true reasons often isn’t easy. Travis Klassen was once a committed and passionate Pastor, but he has since become part of these departure statistics in a bold attempt to rediscover his true self. The difference is that Klassen knows exactly why he left and, for the first time, is now taking his story public in a gripping and thought-provoking new memoir.

‘Freeing Me: Losing My Religion To Find God’ recounts the delusion, heartbreak and rejection Klassen found himself facing, at the hands of a religious machine obsessed with money and control. His story gives a voice to the millions who have had similar experiences yet feel cornered and forced to suffer in silence.


“Freeing Me” is the redemptive story of a former pastor who discovers his complicity and involvement in a man-made, manipulatively religious culture of control and is led to confront his own inauthenticity; thus beginning a journey away from the church to rediscover his faith.

Challenging and questioning the status quo can be difficult, especially within the church. Through much pain, disillusionment, heartbreak and rejection, through painful experiences of spiritual abuse and emotional manipulation, the redemptive purpose of God begins to be revealed.

So many have been hurt or feel rejected by the church. This book is for the ones who’ve been broken. You are not alone. Together we’ll find the divine love of God in the ashes and empty spaces.
“I’ve spent a lot of my life with an “inside” perspective on the church, and am steadfast in my belief that it is often not an arena for believers to revel in the love and work of God, but rather a place where an aggressive religious culture of control has developed. Most use this as a “get of hell free” card,” explains Klassen, whose foreword was provided by New York Times Bestselling Author Frank Schaeffer.

Continuing, “The good news is that it is possible to leave religion and restore your faith; freedom is worth fighting for! I have spent three years writing this book, inspired by the depths of my despair and euphoric highs of my new life.”

Klassen acknowledges that while he is one of the few to be sharing such a story, the problems he experienced are prevalent in the lives of millions.

“Serving God can be the most powerful force to both free and enslave us. I experienced this spiritual abuse and then had to follow my own breadcrumb trail to bring myself and my family out in one piece. People around the world are facing this same adversity today – but love will always win. That should be and can become the foundation of anyone’s faith,” he adds.

Pre-release reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, Schaeffer’s foreword comments, “In this book dogmatic, morality-based theology is being replaced by open and honest conversation. Fear is being conquered by love.”

‘Freeing Me: Losing My Religion To Find God’ is due for release on November 1st, 2014.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.travisklassen.com.

About Travis Klassen
Travis Klassen is a former worship pastor who grew up in the church. Travis has seen a lot from "the inside” of the church. Travis’s blog can be found at http://www.travisklassen.com

Travis embraces life with his soul mate, Veronica and their children, Topanga, Tehillah & Drake just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada.