Free ISO to USB Launches Download That Frees Owners from DVD Limitations

Free ISO To USB has launched a compatible freeware software solution that allows individuals to use a USB in the same was as a DVD or CD-ROM.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Despite the advent of Blu-Ray, the rotary readable craze that started with the floppy disk and still exists in the hard drive is dying, with RAID solid state arrays, USB, SD and other solid state mediums now becoming more financially viable and thereby taking precedence. As a result, many people with data, movies, programs, games and even install disks are finding it problematic to use them with all their devices- most laptops now don’t come with a DVD drive, but will have several USB ports. Free ISO to USB allows users to take the digital imprint of a CD-ROM or DVD and place it onto a USB so that it reads in the same way.

The possibilities for such software are immediately apparent. Those with notepad computers that don’t include DVD drives can now install and run software, play DVDs and create boot disks that all run via USB but perform in all the same ways as a DVD or CD-ROM would, making sure that old media can still be run by new devices using the new universal serial bus that all computers have.

The license for the freeware is complimentary so that users can use the software an unlimited number of times and even employ it in concert with other applications, including those they may be developing themselves.

A spokesperson for Free ISO to USB explained, “Windows ISO to USB is a conversion that makes a lot of sense nowadays. DVD and certainly CD-ROM are going the way of the floppy disk and the Universal Serial Bus earns its Universal title. USB ports are on every computer, laptop and even most mobile devices, meaning that running windows programs simply makes more sense through a USB- the lack of any rotary motor requirement also means transfer speeds are far superior, so it makes sense to switch everything from boot discs and backup discs to programs, games and software.”

About Free ISO To USB
Free ISO to USB is a website offering a free download of software that will allow users to burn ISO images from DVDs to a USB, allowing them to play in the same way a DVD or CD-ROM would without the need for a DVD player, ideal for those using notepads or creating backup drives for their installation CDs. For more information, please visit: