Free Keylogger Pro Releases New Free High Quality Keylogger Software


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2013 -- A keylogger is a piece of software designed to record keystrokes on a computer. It will create a record of every single keystroke typed into the machine it is installed on. There are many uses for this type of software, including parental supervision, workplace due diligence, and recovery of lost typing.

One keylogger related site that is getting a lot of attention recently is, a website offering a new free, downloadable, professional quality keylogger. They have been receiving positive reviews for providing high quality keylogger software at no cost to the user.

The keylogger software available at is extremely easy to use and install, even for non technical computer users. Once installed the software is completely invisible. The user of the computer will have absolutely no idea that the software is running.

It not only records all the keystrokes entered into the computer, but also keeps a record of all websites that are visited. Erasing the website history will have no effect, the sites will still be stored. It will also keep track of any text that is copied into the clipboard.

The person who installed the keylogger software on the computer will have full control and exclusive access over the software. They alone will have the ability to delete data or uninstall the keylogger.

A spokesperson for the website said: “A keylogger is an invaluable piece of software with a huge number of different uses. Many companies find keyloggers extremely useful to monitor the actions of employees, preventing the abuse or theft of company resources or equipment. They are also very useful for ensuring the Internet safety of children, keeping track of online activity in an unobtrusive way. Many people even have keylogging software installed on their own computer, as a kind of insurance against losing work in computer crashes. With a keylogger, keystrokes are saved as they are made, meaning that there is no chance of valuable work being lost. Up until now, a full featured keylogger required a significant investment. However we’ve now released a completely free keylogger with all the features and functionality of more expensive applications.”

About is a website that distributes a completely free keylogger program, a piece of software used for recording keystrokes.

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